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Agency:   Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio
Position:   Program Coordinator
City:   1855 E. Dublin Granville Road
State:   Ohio
Zip Code:   43229
Phone Number:  
Fax Number:  
E-mail Address:
Job Responsibilities:   Coordinate with the customer relations department to enroll and assess volunteers and youth into our programs.
Facilitate Match Introduction between Big and Little to introduce them to one another, the program and its policies and to assist them as they establish goals for an outcomes plan.
Facilitate and support match relationship development between Bigs, Littles and parent/guardian through either scheduled in-person, telephone and electronic contact or at a School-based Program.
Provide support for matches by assisting in building relationships by leading group activities and/or trainings
Ensure that the all elements of Child safety, match relationship development, positive youth development and volunteer and partner satisfaction are in adherence to our Program and National Standards of Practice.
Identify and elevate potential problems and barriers and address them as early as possible.
Develop strategic interventions to identify and strengthen match relationships that require extra support to continue to grow the match relationship.
Assess and evaluate youth and volunteer needs and coordinate their involvement within the continuum of external services.
Provide necessary intervention for families and volunteers; identify needs, provide resources and facilitate/document referrals. Maintain contact to ensure the parties in need have obtained the appropriate resources and are on a path to resolution and/or success.
Implement program policies and procedures through the establishment and utilization of a total quality service delivery process.
Utilize surveys to assess the match’s impact on youth development and provide support to supplement and aid the impact.
Provide recognition and support for mentors, mentees, families and school partners.
Assist in the development of School-based activities, trainings and communications to coach mentors on guiding their mentees to achieve positive educational outcomes.
Ensure that all program activities are in accordance with agency vision and values.
Collaborate with other service delivery staff to ensure smooth transition among functions.
Help in other program areas as part of the team when needed.
Assist in program development and strategies for growth through participation with workgroups.
Assist in defining and meeting deliverables and/or outcomes for the program team.
Attend events as requested.
Identify and promote re-engagement of volunteers as Bigs, board members, donors or in other volunteer capacities.
Oversee entire projects in conjunction with Development to achieve the goals of the project and provide extraordinary customer service to all parties involved in project.
Share with development/marketing staff potential partners as discovered through volunteers/parents or other.
Job Qualifications:   Must possess a minimum of a Bachelor's degree
Must be willing to work minimum 40 hours/week
Must be willing to work evening and weekends as required
Must be willing to work with diverse populations and in diverse areas
Must be flexible to accommodate job responsibilities
Must have viable transportation, valid drivers' license to meet job responsibilities
Must have high level of organization
Must have working knowledge of Microsoft Office
Must be willing to participate in professional development activities (25 hours required annually)
Salary:   $27,000-$33,000 (Based on experience)
Application Instructions:   Send cover letter and resume via email to or by mail to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio, 1855 E. Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, OH 43229. Attn: Susie Murray
Posting Deadline:  
Date Posted:   11/9/2016
BBBS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.