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Agency:   Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana
Position:   Enrollment/Match Support Specialist (Part-Time, Central KY Region)
State:   Kentucky
Zip Code:  
Phone Number:  
Fax Number:  
E-mail Address:  
Job Responsibilities:   - Conduct volunteer enrollments including: individual orientations, child safety education, interviews, and completion of any other enrollment processes. Assess the necessity of home visits and complete as indicated.
- Conduct client enrollments including: parent/child interviews, child safety education and enrollment processes. Assess and refer families for alternative or additional services as needed.
- Ensure a high-level of proficiency and skill in applying child safety and risk management knowledge, policies and procedures throughout all aspects of job function. Identify child safety issues for volunteers, children and their families.
- Review and follow-up on references as necessary to gain additional data to complete the assessment process.
- Conduct volunteer and client reassessments/updates as indicated.
- Identify and eliminate any barriers interfering with the completion of the enrollment process.
- Review all enrollment information and assessments and make recommendations for participation in the program based on this information. Assess and apply factors contributing to successful match. Effectively align volunteer interests and qualifications with service options of agency. Consult with other service delivery staff and/or supervisor as appropriate.
- Determine matches and facilitate match meetings. Accommodate volunteer and family schedules.
- Provide comprehensive assessments and match support recommendations for volunteer and child participation in the program based upon assessments of each individual volunteer.
- Maintain accurate and timely records for each match according to standards and utilize technology to report, synthesize and analyze data.
- High degree of collaboration with other service delivery staff to ensure smooth transition among functions.
- Continually assess the match relationship focusing on: child safety, match relationship development, positive youth development and volunteer satisfaction. Real and/or potential problems and barriers are identified, addressed and resolved as early as possible. Match support is provided on a frequency according to BBBS Standards, at a minimum.
- Assess and provide for individual training needs, information and support needs for each match participant to assure a positive youth development experience for the child, and successful and satisfying experience for the volunteer.
- Develop strategic interventions to identify and strengthen match relationships that require extra support to continue to grow.
- Support Bowl for Kids' Sake, Metro United Way, and other agency fundraising initiatives as necessary to maintain the growth of the agency
Job Qualifications:   Minimum Bachelor's degree in social services, human resources or related field.
Salary:   $15.00/Hr.-$16.00/Hr.
Application Instructions:   Interested candidates can click here ( to learn more and apply online.
Posting Deadline:  
Date Posted:   10/26/2016
BBBS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.