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Big Sister Megan and Little Sister Samantha

Big Inspires Big Dreamer

Little Sister Samantha beamed confidently from the pageant stage. Watching from the crowd, her Big Sister thought about the shy little girl her Little used to be. On stage, Samantha was almost a different person. “She exuded a confidence that I would have never known existed when I first met her,” Big Sister Megan says.

Big Brother Todd and Little Brother T.J.

A Big Looking Up to a Little

Big Brother Todd and Little Brother Tyrone, “T.J.,” were matched when T.J. was 7. At…

Big Sister Sophie and Little Sister Aaqila

A Little Move has Big Consequences

The year Aaqila turned 7, everything changed. Her mother moved her from Chicago to Springfield. She changed schools. She was surrounded by fewer kids who looked like her. Not long after their move, Aaqila’s mom told her that she was no longer going to be an only child – a little sister was on the way.

Big Brother John and Little Brother Leondre

A Big’s background inspires a Little

Every Friday night for years, Big Brother John sat on a bleacher, cheering on his…